Julie Podstolski

Photo of Julie Podstolski  by Lyn DiCiero; Artist’s Chronicle, 2014

About Julie

Welcome to my website!  Here is a short introduction to my art career.  Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, I studied art at University of Canterbury in Christchurch,  gaining a Diploma of Fine Arts (3 year course) with a major in painting.  I graduated in 1980.

I moved to Australia with my husband in 1982.  We thought it would be for a year but three decades later we are still here – with three Australian daughters; Emily, Alicia and Lucy. Matthew and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

I am a full time artist who, in 1994, rediscovered coloured pencils.  (I say ‘rediscovered’ because I used to draw with coloured pencils when I was a child and a teenager.)

From art school until 1994 I painted with oil paints.  What inspired me to use pencils was the birth of daughter no. 3 (Lucy).  I wanted to paint but was frustrated by the demands of motherhood.   I wondered – why not use dry media?  As pencils aren’t wet, they can be picked up and put down without negative consequences.   No longer would I be annoyed by mixed oil paints on the palette drying out before I could even get around to applying them to canvas. (What I mean is, I used to put the baby to bed, then mix up some paints on the palette.  Sometimes she didn’t want to sleep so I wouldn’t even get around to beginning to paint.)

I bought pencils, paper and never looked back.  For some years I alternated between painting and drawing but in the end, I had to admit that I preferred working with dry media to wet.

old drawing by Julie Podstolski

A coloured pencil drawing from the 1970s of my Polish dolls.


“Spring Song” coloured pencil drawing, 290 x 430 mm, 2012.

Art is my friend and companion. The profound joy of observation and then recreating my vision with coloured pencils is my recipe for a fulfilled life.

This website is a record of 40+ years of my art.  While I don't put prices on the website, my works are in a range between $1200 to $4500 depending on size and time taken.  See CONTACT page to get in touch if you have a query.

Art Exhibitions

1989   URBAN LANDSCAPES   Denison Sculpture Studio, Sydney, NSW

1990   SUBURBS AND ISLANDS   Balmain Watch House, Sydney, NSW

1992   LOOK LISTEN SEE   Merilyn Saville Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

2000   SEEING THE LIGHT   Gadfly Gallery, Dalkeith, Western Australia

2001   POLES APART  with Max Podstolski, Gadfly Gallery, Dalkeith, Western Australia

2004   SIGN AND PLACE   Allegory Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand

2004   STREET THEATRE   Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia

2005   GEISHA THEN AND NOW   Gallery East, North Fremantle, W.A.

2007   SPIRITED AWAY  with Peta Miller and Robyn Varpins, Old Royal George Gallery, East Fremantle, W.A.

2010   GEISHA - THE ALLURE OF MYSTIQUE   Kingfisher Gallery, West Perth, W.A.

2012   PARIS EN HIVER   Elements Art Gallery, Dalkeith, W.A.

2014   LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL - FREMANTLE, KYOTO, PARIS   Elements Art Gallery, Dalkeith, W.A.

2016   FASCINATION - MAIKO, GEIKO, KYOTO   with Robyn Varpins, Earlywork, South Fremantle, W.A.

2017   ENTRANCED   a Gallery East exhibition at Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle, W.A.

2018   REMEMBER PARIS   with Robyn Varpins, Earlywork, South Fremantle, W.A.

2021   AN ITALIAN DREAM  with Robyn Varpins, Earlywork, South Fremantle, W.A.

2023   HOME AND HEART - LOCAL LOVE STORIES   with Robyn Varpins, 20-30 April, Earlywork, South Fremantle